Band Bio

The Hella Good Party Band is a 7 piece dance band and full service entertainment production company that mixes top dance hits from the 70's to today! We put on one of the best live dance music shows in the Bay Area and always have the dance floor full! We are made up of all professional musicians and singers who have many years of experience playing music and putting on a high energy, professional show that can be tailored to your special needs. From festivals to corporate parties to intimate weddings, Hella Good is here to delight your guests!

The Hella Good Party Band knows that planning a wedding is no small feat and making it perfect includes excellent, professional entertainment. We will work with you and your wedding planner to create a performance that not only suits your desires but also leaves your friends and family talking about it for years! We are happy to DJ between sets and handle emcee duties.

Hella Good Music Selection
We will work with you to put together a set list that meets your entertainment needs. We are happy to take song requests in advance of the event. Hella Good will never use any profanity in their lyrics at any time during your event.

Hella Good's Dress Attire
Hella Good's normal dress attire is bright, vibrant, colorful and fun. We are totally open to customizing our attire to your event. We are not afraid to wear tuxedos for a formal event or hot neon for your 80's night!

Sound and Lights
The Hella Good Party Band is a full production entertainment company and can easily provide you lighting and sound for your venue. The PA system can be utilized for speeches, toasts and announcements. We are happy to provide backing music during your event ranging from dinner music to full on dance DJ services.

The Lineup


Male Vocals - Wonder Ry has been fronting bands for many years and lives to get people moving on the dance floor. From Justin Timberlake to Queen, he's got you covered!

Female Vocals - Norah
While most babies come into this world crying............This girl broke right into her first accapella performance! From singing lead in many successful Bay Area bands to now rockin' lead vocals in Hella Good Band, Norah brings versatility and energetic experience to the stage at every performance. When busting out classic rock hits, 80's classics, Pop hits or whatever gets those Booties shakin'........nobody says "no" to Norah when she asks them to party with us!

Lead Guitar and Vocals - Gil - This guy can shred the rock, hip the hop and groove the grooves...He is one sweet guitarist! 

Bass Guitar -
Bassist/vocalist extraordinaire Chris Beveridge joined Hella Good in 2014, and brings with him decades of rock and roll, R&B, Punk and Funk Bass Playing expertise and style! 
Chris has performed across the US and internationally in several touring acts, including Bay Area favorites Giraffe, The Tiger Club, Pacific Standard Time, and Vinyl Tap. In addition, he's also a recording studio owner and audio engineer, and he brings all those resources to focus on one thing- YOUR listening and dancing enjoyment. Experience Chris' funkerocity at a Hella Good Party Band gig near you!!

Keyboards and Backing Vocals - Mitch Magic's silky smooth tenor vocals and magic fingers get people spinning round like a record baby.

Drums and Electronic Percussion - Justin Griffin -
Justin is a self taught drummer thats been playing since the age of five. Over his thirty-one plus years of playing, he had the opportunity to play percussion on two gospel recordings and travel to Paris, France at the age of twenty-one for a two week run at the Maxwell Cafe. Justin not only loves bringing his gospel style drumming to Hella Good, but also his love for entertainment lighting by adding some type light and theatrical element to his drum set.